The Rose of Sharon

There's this idiom of sorts in rabbinical Judaism that I really appreciate and learned on my Bible by YouVersion's catalogue of bible reading plans. (7 More Hebrew words you should know.) The interpretation of Scripture was modeled or arrayed after the acronym PaRDeS, which is the Hebrew word for garden. Peshat: the topical/surface or direct … Continue reading The Rose of Sharon

The Lord of the Mountain

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." A three-for-one mystery, this mantra of theology doesn't typically find difficulty in interpretation amongst the flock of the Good Shepherd. But it's easy to overlook the infinitely vast implications of this cornerstone of theology. The Way indicates a journey; a walk from point A to point … Continue reading The Lord of the Mountain

A Tale of Two Kings

In the scrolls of the prophet Samuel you meet the first two kings of Israel and their stories are so ineffably attached to our spiritual lives. Following the exodus from Egypt, a death-to-life movement, the Israelites are easily reconquered by their own failure to recognize a new era. Doubt, fear, selfishness pervade an understandably vexed … Continue reading A Tale of Two Kings


The concise definition of the term "selah" has eluded us to this day. However, being placed intermittently throughout the book of Psalms, it has been faithfully kept in print as a transliteration of the original Hebrew word. Based on word-root origins and other similar verbs there is a general consensus that Selah indicates a pause … Continue reading Selah